Mathline : Jurnal Matematika dan Pendidikan Matematika 2022-08-15T14:28:03+00:00 Wiwit Damayanti Lestari Open Journal Systems <p>Mathline : Jurnal Matematika dan Pendidikan Matematika, a national journal, provides a forum for publishing the original research articles, review articles from contributors, and the novel technology news related to mathematics and mathematics education that published two times a year: February and August. Scientific articles dealing with realistic mathematics education, design research, development research, etc. are particularly welcome. The journal encompasses research articles, original research report, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in mathematics education. All papers submitted to the journal should be written in Indonesian or English. The official language of the manuscript to be published in Mathline is Indonesian and English. Mathline : Jurnal Matematika dan Pendidikan Matematika, has ISSN published by LIPI. p-ISSN:2502-5872. e-ISSN: 2622-3627</p> Didactic Design Analysis Of Quadrilateral Learning In The Term Of Interactive Media Based On Adobe Flash Through Contextual Teaching And Learning Approach 2022-04-04T07:47:15+00:00 Erika Erika Sumarni Sumarni Nuranita Adiastuty <p>This research was conducted to see the alleged learning obstacle that appeared in the didactic design and provide a didactic design proposal to overcome the alleged learning obstacle. The type of research used is qualitative research with the Didactical Design Research (DDR) model, this research uses triangulation techniques and in the Didactical Design Research there are three stages of analysis, namely Prospective Analysis, conducting interviews with model teachers regarding didactic designs used at the time. In learning, Metapedadidactic Analysis is carried out by analyzing the didactic design that has been made by the model teacher, what learning obstacle is suspected and what causes it, Retrospective Analysis makes conclusions and didactic design proposals on the rectangular material. The subject of this research is the didactic design in the form of lesson plans and learning media that have been made by the model teacher. Based on the analysis, there is an assumption that learning obstacle appears in the didactic design, namely didactical learning obstacle and epistemological learning obstacle, resulting in a didactic design proposal to reduce learning obstacle.</p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Application Of Truncated Spline Nonparametric Regression In Modeling Traffic Accident Rate In Palopo City 2022-07-25T06:09:42+00:00 Nurjaya Syamsualam Rahmat Hidayat <p>Kecelakaan lalu lintas merupakan suatu peristiwa yang terjadi di jalan raya sehingga dapat menimbulkan berbagai kerugian bagi pelaku maupun kerusakan terhadap benda. Kecelakaan lalu lintas dapat disebabkan oleh faktor yang diduga berpengaruh. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memperoleh estimasi parameter model regresi nonparametrik Spline<em> truncated</em>, memperoleh metode untuk mencari titik knot optimal, dan memodelkan angka kecelakaan lalu lintas di Kota Palopo menggunakan regresi nonparametrik Spline <em>truncated.</em> Pada penelitian ini, variabel yang diduga adalah kepadatan penduduk (<em>x</em>). Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah regresi nonparametrik Spline <em>truncated</em>. Regresi nonparametrik Spline <em>truncated</em> merupakan salah satu model dengan pendekatan nonparametrik yang merupakan modifikasi dari fungsi polinomial tersegmen. Hasil dari penelitian ini diperoleh estimasi parameter model regresi nonparametrik Spline <em>truncated </em>menggunakan metode kuadrat terkecil. Pemilihan titik knot pada model Spline mampu menginterprestasikan pola data (kurva regresi) sehingga diperoleh model regresi terbaik berdasarkan pemilihan titik knot optimal dengan nilai GCV minimun. Model regresi Spline <em>truncated</em> yang memiliki nilai GCV terendah yaitu 136,7351. Berdasarkan hasil analisis&nbsp; tersebut dapat disimpulkan variabel kepadatan penduduk mempengaruhi angka kecelakaan lalu lintas di Kota Palopo.</p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Comparison Of Euler Method And Runge Kutta Method In Estimation Of The Number Of Population In Aceh Province 2022-07-25T06:08:03+00:00 Tantri Tarisma Fazrina Saumi Suci Wardani Zahara Zahara Desi Kristina <p><em>Residents are people who are in an area and are controlled by applicable rules and interact with each other Residents are people who are in an area and are bound by applicable rules and interact with each other continuously or continuously. If population growth increases, this will cause many problems, including: poverty levels, unemployment, school dropout rates and increasing crime rates in each region. In anticipating the problem of increasing the population of Aceh Province, information about the population is needed. Therefore, this study will discuss several applications of mathematical methods in estimating the population of Aceh Province in the coming year using the Euler method and the Runge Kutta method of order 4. The results of the estimation of the population of Aceh Province using the Runge Kutta method are 5</em><em>.</em><em>030</em><em>.</em><em>503 inhabitants in 2021, 5</em><em>.</em><em>076</em><em>.</em><em>307 in 2022 and 5</em><em>.</em><em>122</em><em>.</em><em>486 in 2023 The estimation results using the Euler method are 5</em><em>.</em><em>026</em><em>.</em><em>162 in 2021, 5</em><em>.</em><em>071</em><em>.</em><em>745 in 2022 and 5</em><em>.</em><em>117</em><em>.</em><em>700 in 2022. The conclusion in this study is that estimation using the Runge Kutta method is a method that is better applied than the method Euler on the problem of estimating the population of Aceh Province. This is because the error value of the Runge Kutta method is smaller than the Euler method with an error value of about 0.04%.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Key words</em></strong><em> : Runge Kutta, Euler, Population.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Analysis of the Use of Google Classroom Applications for Simple Linear Regression Materials for Actuarial Study Program Students 2022-04-11T05:32:30+00:00 Melvi Muchlian Yulia Rahmawati Z <p>This study aims to improve student learning outcomes of the actuarial study program at Tamansiswa Padang University who took regression analysis courses totaling 14 students, consisting of 2 male students and 12 female students by utilizing the Google Classroom application as a learning strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic. 19 on the material of simple linear regression. This google classroom application makes it easy for lecturers to manage learning and convey precise and accurate information to students. This type of research is classroom action research which is carried out for two cycles. Each cycle consists of stages of planning (planning), action (action), observation (observation), and reflection (reflection). Observation and testing are data collection techniques used in this study. Data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing are data analysis techniques used in this study. The results of the research that has been carried out are the benefits of the google classroom application during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the increase in student learning outcomes of the Actuarial Study Program at Tamansiswa Padang University on simple linear regression material as evidenced by the number of students who achieved a score of ≥ 65 in cycle II as many as 13 students. (92.9%) and 1 student (7.1%) got a score of ≤ 65, compared to the first cycle as many as 0 students (0%) who achieved a score of ≥ 65 and 14 students (100%) got a score of ≤ 65. Percentage of achievement the value of ≥ 65 of the students increased (cycle I was 0%, cycle II was 92.9%.</p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra The Applications of The Max-Min Soft Burge Matrix in Decision Making on The House Selection Model in The Lubuk Minturun Region 2022-04-20T08:08:37+00:00 Yurniati Yurniati <p>The need for housing in the city of Padang is still very high. At this time, housing developments in the city of Padang are increasing from year to year. Many private companies offer various types of housing for the people in Padang City. Basically the construction of housing and settlements aims to meet the community's need for housing as part of basic human needs. Efforts to fulfill housing needs are carried out in the context of increasing and equitable distribution of welfare as well as realizing decent housing in a housing environment that is healthy, safe, harmonious, harmonious and orderly. With the development of housing in the city of Padang, the authors use the Max-Min Soft Escape Matrix method in making decisions on house selection, especially in the Lubuk Minturun area. This is a type of qualitative research using the Max-Min Soft Blur Matrix method. The assessment in this study was carried out by a married couple, Mr. Risman and Mrs. Memi. They went to a house buying agent to buy a house. The houses to be selected were 5 houses in different locations. From the application of the Max-Min Soft Blur Matrix method, it is found that the house chosen by Mr. Risman and Mrs. Memi is the first house and third<em>.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Profile of Self-Regulated Learning of Students on Online Mathematics Learning 2022-07-31T13:00:34+00:00 Husnul Khotimah Layla Nurul Aini Tri Hariyati Nur Indah Sari <p><em>Self-regulated learning is the ability to direct and control oneself in thinking and acting and not feeling emotionally dependent on others. This study aims to determine the elements of online mathematics learning that cause students' self-regulated learning to strengthen and weaken. This type of research is a quantitative description with a population of all students of class VIII which is then selected by respondents as many as 67 students. The data was obtained through the distribution of questionnaires with google form. Based on the research conducted, it is known that the three elements of online mathematics learning that strengthen students' self-regulated learning are efforts to find learning resources, re-examine assignments before they are collected, and have targets to be achieved in the learning process. Meanwhile, the three elements of online mathematics learning that weaken students' self-regulated learning are group learning, help from friends when solving problems, and studying when there are exams.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Application of Exponential Smoothing Method on Forecasting The Results of Bandeng Pounds in Cot Muda Itam Village-Peureulak District-Aceh Timur 2022-07-25T05:30:38+00:00 Mirda Olivia Jumarnis May Erviana Fazrina Saumi Elviana Elviana Marlinda Marlinda <p><em>Pould cultivation until now is counted as a bussines that can provide extraordinary income. Cot Muda Itam Village is one of the villages in East Aceh Regency that cultivates ponds by producing milkfish. Milkfish yields also vary, sometimes increasing and not infrequently experience a dcrease in yields.. Therefore, it is necessary to have a study that can predict the production of milkfish un the next harvest. Forecasting is a process of predicting the values of variables based on known values of previously related variables. Based on the results of data processing and data analysis using the linear exponential smoothing method of one brown parameter with </em> <em> and MSE value of </em><em>16407,241875 </em><em>it is obtained that the forecast results in the 11<sup>th</sup> and 12<sup>th</sup> months of the harvest decrease, namely 587 kg and 580 kg</em><em>.</em></p> <p> </p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Defragmentation of The False-Pseudo Thinking Process of Students in Solving Mathematical Connection Ability Problems 2022-07-13T02:09:56+00:00 Belda Nurmultiefa Lesmana Supratman Supratman Diar Veni Rahayu <p><em>The purpose of this research is to describe the defragmentation of pseudo-thinking processes carried out by students in problem solving of mathematical connection abilities. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method. The data collection techniques used mathematical connection ability test with questions on the Pythagorean Theorem which contained indicators of mathematical connecetions (connections between mathematical topics, connections with other disciplines, and connections with everyday life) and unstructured interviews. The research subject were taken from students of class VIII of SMPN 5 Tasikmalaya who experienced a pseudo thingking process that focused on false-pseudo and could take responsibility for the results of their work. The results showed that defragmentation was carried out on students who experienced false-pseudo through several stages, namely scanning, check some errors, repairing (disequilibration, conflict cognitive, and scaffolding), give a chance to re-work, and certain the result. Based on the defragmentation carried out, students who experience false-pseudo can reflect on their mistakes and restructure the thought process that was originally false into correct and clear thought process.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Analysis of Answering Process on Problem Solving Ability Through Problem-Based Learning Model 2022-07-25T05:32:30+00:00 Nilam Sari Sahat Saragih E Elvis Napitupulu Siti Rakiyah Hasni Suciawati Anim Anim <p><em>This study was made to find out how the process of completing student answers incompleting the problem-solving ability test through a problem-based learning model.The process of completing the answers to the mathematical problem solving ability test can be viewed from 2 (two) aspects, namely:1) the procedure used in solving the problem and, 2)the mistakes made by students in answering the questions/the problems.The population of this study were all third semester students majoring in informatics management at all STMIK in Medan and samples were taken at random and two STMIKs were selected with accreditations B and C. The type of this research was a qualitative descriptive analysis with the instrument was the test of problem solving abilities. This study gave the result that the problem solving process carried out by students through problem-based learning was better than conventional learning, the firs result is the number of students doing the test who obtained a &amp;quot;good&amp;quot; assessment category in the experimental class was more than the control class (Nexperiment = 67 &gt; Ncontrol = 17 ). The second result is the test given as a whole it could be done well by students in accordance with the existing questions/problems, although some still forgot to check the answers. In addition, at every meeting there were group members who werenot active in discussing. They always busy with other things, it caused friends in one group to be disturbed.The results of this study can be used as a reference for teachers who want to implement problem-based learning.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Student Metacognition in Mathematics Problem Solving on Set Materials 2022-08-06T13:14:33+00:00 Ali Shodikin Silvia Eka Nurkumala Wahyu Kyestiati Sumarno <p><em>Solving mathematical problems is an important thing in mathematics. Solving narrative problems requires complex thinking skills, namely cognitive skills and understanding of using the right methods or tactics. Awareness of students in using their thoughts to plan, control, and assess their cognitive processes and tactics is the meaning of metacognition. This research is a descriptive study that aims to describe the level of students' metacognition in solving mathematical problems, especially a set of material. The population in this study is class VII B of SMPN 2 Sukodadi. To focus on data analysis, 3 students were closed who represented problem-solving abilities, they are high, medium, and low. Based on the data analysis conducted by researchers, the subject who has a high level of mathematical problem-solving ability is included in the "reflective use" metacognition level. The subject who has a moderate level of mathematical problem-solving ability is included in the "strategic use" metacognition level, and a subject who has a low level of problem-solving ability in math problems is classified as “aware use” metacognition level. From these results, it is recommended for teachers to pay attention to the tendency of students' metacognition levels based on students' problem solving levels, both in planning, learning processes and assessment in order to realize differentiated learning.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Development of E-Worksheet To Improve Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability 2022-07-29T15:50:29+00:00 Majdiyah Mawaddah Rizki Dwi Siswanto <p><em>The purpose of this research is to produce learning media in the form of practical and effective student worksheets. In addition, this research is also to improve the mathematical problem solving ability of high school students in class X on the material of a three-variable system of linear equations. The method used is the R&amp;D (Research and Development) method with a 4D model (Define, Design, Development and Disseminate). The validity test was carried out by mathematics teachers, mathematics lecturers, and media expert lecturers. The results showed that the media that had been developed based on the results of the validity test in the aspect of display quality was 94.79% in the very good category, the written text was 93.75% in the very good category, and device engineering 94.79% in the very good category. The developed media was tested practically by 10 respondents. The practicality test showed that the display quality was 99.16% in the very good category, the text results were 99.37% in the very good category, and the results of the device engineering were 100% in the very good category. The results of the students’ mathematical problem solving ability scores ranged from 75 to 100 from the results of answering e-worksheets, so that the average obtained from each student on mathematical problem-solving abilities was in the “high” category and the average percentage obtained was 94.10% in the “very good” category. Based on the results of data acquisition, it shows that the e-worksheet media on the material of a three-variable linear equation system is feasible to be used as a learning resource and can also improve students’ mathematical problem-solving abilities.</em></p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Application of Linear Regression to The Factors Affecting The Rice Production Level in Langsa City 2022-07-19T05:36:42+00:00 Riska Novita Sari Fazrina Saumi Miranda Olivia Rizka Maidita Anastasya Salsabilah Indrianti Agustina <p><em>Rice is a food that produces rice which is the staple food for most of the Indonesian population. Indonesian people think that rice is a staple food that cannot be replaced, this causes the high demand for rice consumption in Indonesia. The Indonesian people, who are still very dependent on rice as a staple food, have forced the government to take steps to control the availability of rice properly. This study aims to determine the factors that influence rice production and to find out how much influence the relationship or correlation between factors has on production results. The method used in this study is multiple linear regression, this analysis is used to determine the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable whether each variable is positively or negatively related and see what percentage of the influence of the independent variable on the dependent variable, namely harvested area, rainfall and productivity. on rice production in Langsa City. Based on the results of the study, the results of the analysis of a strong correlation between rice production (y) and harvested area (x2) were 0.937 and results of the multiple linear test obtained a value of with a significant level of, it can be concluded that is rejected and is accepted.</em> </p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Universitas Wiralodra Implementation of Mathematics Learning With A STEM Approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics) at MTs Muhammadiyah Wuring 2022-07-25T05:34:53+00:00 Tanti Diyah Rahmawati Vinsensius Herianto Ndori Murniati Murniati <p>Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh tuntutan perkembangan dan kemajuan teknologi di era revolusi 4.0 yang mempengaruhi pergeseran segala aktivitas didalam kehidupan termasuk dalam dunia pendidikan. Salah satu pendekatan pembelajaran menggunakan teknologi yakni pendekatan STEM. Pendekatan STEM merupakan suatu pendekatan yang memuat empat komponen bidang ilmu pengetahuan dalam suatu pembelajaran untuk memecahkan masalah. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui implementasi&nbsp; pembelajaran matematika dengan pendekatan STEM <em>(Science, Technologi, Engineering, And Mathematics) </em>kelas VIII A di MTs Muhammadiyah Wuring. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di MTs Muhammadiyah Wuring pada semester 2 tahun ajaran 2020/2021. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah deskriptif kualitatif. Sumber data diperoleh dari data primer yaitu guru matematika dan siswa. Sedangkan data sekunder diperoleh berupa nilai harian siswa sebelum dilakukan penelitian. Teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan yakni observasi, tes, dan dokumentasi. Teknik analisis data yang digunakan&nbsp; meliputi tiga tahap yakni reduksi data, triangulasi, dan penarikan kesimpulan. Dari hasil analisis data dapat simpulkan bahwa dengan menggunakan model pembelajaran STEM ketuntasan siswa 100%, dengan nilai rata-rata kelas 89, sehingga model pembelajaran efektif digunakan.&nbsp; Penerapan pembelajaran STEM melibatkan&nbsp; siswa&nbsp; berperan aktif, berkreasi, terampil dalam memecahkan masalah matematika. Dengan model pembelajaran PBL siswa dapat berdiskusi, berkreasi, dalam memecahkan masalah. Selain itu pembelajaran matematika menggunakan model PBL dengan pendekatan STEM juga dapat meningkatkan hasil belajar siswa pada materi SPLDV.</p> 2022-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Mathline : Jurnal Matematika dan Pendidikan Matematika